Our proposal is based primarily on the preservation of the open space and its transformation through materiality and movement into the contemporary public space.

The strategy proposes to free the site from the existing football field not to replace it with a new architectural element instead it orchestrates a new choreography of terrain singularities, textures and behaviors. The landscape oozes to fill its urban container and flourishes then as an event space where people can gather, walk, jog, play with radio controlled sail boats, attend to a concert or just lay down on the tulip fields. Replacing the programmatic methods of signification and rigorous functionality we embrace material properties and their interactions with the landscape as catalysts for programmatic possibilities. Massaging the terrain we generated a set of singularities that punctuate the ground in relation to the Space Needle these blows and their reactions form the nests where activity and social interaction might take place. To reach the full potential of the voids created on the surface, each one of them delivers a rich personality through the development of a particular ambiance and mood.

Surface as program. The aim is to transform a sterile surface into a fertile surface of events.

Renew the cultural campus. The site becomes a flexible destination where a great amount of open air activities can take place, not only foreign visitors but also locals.

Change agent. What used to be a solid program-lacking building is transformed into a void program-flexible space.