Rifle Range property is surrounded by the city, a cemetery, and the hills of the island. In this context, we decided to work on the place in two different conceptual levels, the first level is the topological reference between the city and the cemetery, which is life and death, and between the city and the hills, which is life and hope.


These two references are represented on the site by two main composition axis. The second level of the conceptual approach is the land responding to the urban and architectural program, like a grid deformed by the weight of the main project components. After defining the landscape, a void is generated to reduce the visual obstacle and create more public space.


The residences are concentrated in just one building, which is located like a thin monolith in the middle of the site. This tablet is placed in a filter-like way between the city and the cemetery. People walking on the site can cross the tablet through the interstices located in the intersection between the building and the folded landscape. This tablet is a porous wall and it lets the people on the surroundings see and walk through.

In aerial view, the building is perceived as a green stripe, a slice of mountain that could be climbed or hiked by visitors. On the roof surface there are cultivated parcels that can be walked by.

The building is formed by 4000 blocks, each individual block is a basic flexible unit of 64 square meters each. These individual units can be collated with the adjacent to increase the size of the residences responding to the different market needs.